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Best Practices for Success

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the Contract / Management System

  Add Notes to Contracts Created
  Adding a CoLister or CoBuyers Agent to Contracts
  Allow Listing Agent To View Documents
  Allow Buyer's Agent to View Documents
  Assign a Single Transaction to Another eContracts Agent
  Change The Status Of A Transaction
  CoListing_CoBuyers Agent Sign Using Personal Electronic Signature
  Copy - Duplicate Locked Contracts
  Copying From An Existing Contract
  Company-Business-POA-Trustee name as a Client in all Contracts
  Creating and Using Contract Templates
  Creating A New Contract
  Create an Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Contract from Contract to Buy and Sell
  Create Counterproposal from within the Detailed Transaction
  Customize How Clients with Contracts are Displayed
  Date and Time Contracts Were Last Modified
  Display Clients with Contracts in Property Address Order
  Editing Section of Contracts-Disclosures
  Entering Client Information in Contracts
  Hidden Contracts
  How to Know When a Contract/Document Has Been Created
  Legal Advisor In Some Parent Contracts
  Offer Received From An eContracts Agent
  Parent Contracts
  Practice Contract
  Quick Start Feature
  Save All Docs Feature
  Save Button
  Selecting or Deleting Calendar Dates in a Contract
  Seller`s Estimate Net Sheet
  Street Type and Unit Fields – How to Add and Delete
  Strikethrough Contract Text
  View and Upload CBS Received Through Integration
  View Transaction Assigned to you from Another eContracts Agent
  Virtual Office
  Where to Find Contract(s) After You Have Saved and Closed Parent Contract

Interactive Electronic Contracts-Documents

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Quick Minute Updates

  QM: Introduction To Interactive Contracts
  QM: Email Contracts New Share Column
  QM: Title Order-Choose What You Want To Share
  QM: Inspection Objection: New Functionality
  QM: Listing Agents: Signature Safeguard Enhancement
  QM: Sync Contract Deadlines with Calendar
  QM: Emailing Contracts: Now Each Doc is a Live Link
  QM: Integration: Sharing Docs = Auto Email
  QM: Message System: Now Displays Live Links
  QM: Transaction Integration: Docs Management Sharing
  QM: Canceling A Title Order
  QM: Creating Custom Deadlines in Utilities

CTM One Users

  Introduction to CTM One New User
  NEW FEATURES - What's New for Software Releases and Updates
  Input New Listing
  Input New Sale
  Main Dashboard - Basic View
  Main Dashboard - Messages System
  Utilities - Top Of Utilities - Basics
  Utilities - White Board
  Utilities - Personal Info
  Utilities - Enter your Broker License! Mandatory for 2019
  Utilities - eSignature File and Settings
  Utilities - Syncing Contract Deadlines To Your Calendar
  Utilities - Email Notification Settings
  Utilities - Custom Deadlines
  Utilities - Auto Dating Deadlines Templates
  Utilities - Customizing Agent Info Displayed on Contracts
  Utilities - eContracts Settings
  Utilities - Smart eContracts Settings
  Detail Dashboard - Messages
  Detail Dashboard - Update Sale Link
  Detail Dashboard - Showing Instructions
  Detail Dashboard - Contract Deadlines
  Detail Dashboard - Adding Custom Deadlines to a Transaction
  Detail Dashboard - eCalendar
  Detail Dashboard - Contact Sheet
  Detail Dashboard - Save All Docs
  Detail Dashboard - Docs Management Convert
  TASK Feature

Integration OR Linking Transactions

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  2021 Enhancement ~ Feature Links to Force Integration Yourself
  BUY SIDE: Selling Agent Integration Requirements and Features
  LISTING SIDE: Agent Features
  Create and Share Disclosures - Automatic Feature
  Create Counterproposal from Offer Received from another eContracts Agent
  Counterproposal Received - Update Deadline Tracking System
  Create Docs and a Folder for Buyer Offer
  Email Contracts ~ New Share Column
  Enhancements ~ Offer Status-Moving Offers-Saving Notes
  Offer Received Notification
  Update Contract Deadlines from Offer Received

Smart eContracts & Templating

  2021 Smart Commission Forms Create and Locate
  2020 Smart Commission Forms Create and Locate
  Smart eContracts - Features and Benefits
  Smart eContracts - Training Course Video
  Smart eContracts - Contact Us For Assistance
  Access to Company Templated Documents
  Adding Buyer and Buyer Agent Names to a Locked SMART Document
  Add Additional Signer(s) to a PDF Document
  Adding Signature Boxes to a PDF Document
  Change the Size of the Signature Field
  Create Personal Contract Library
  How to Sign a Smart Document
  Icons Explained
  Miscellaneous Docs Management Basics
  Non Readable PDF - Advanced Feature
  Quick Access to Smart Templated Contracts
  Readable PDF - Advanced Feature
  Signing a SMART Document
  Uploading a Document to Misc Docs Management
Account Personal InfoThis help topic has a video
  Change or Update Password
  Request a Change to Your Company Name
  Change or Update Username - The name on your account
Account: Payments - Cancel Account Link
Attend LIVE Training Courses
Auto Dating Deadlines Template
  How_To_Create_Auto_Dating_Deadline_Templates within Utilities
  How to Create Deadline Templates from within the CBS
  How to Recall an Auto Dating Deadline Template
  Weekends - Holidays in the Auto Dating Deadline Feature
Auto-Correction on Disclosures/Documents Feature
Brokerage Firm Benefits of Smart TemplatingThis help topic has a video
Cancel Account Instructions
Clause Library Feature
  Creating and Viewing Personal Clause Library
  Adding Clauses to Contracts, Documents and Disclosures
Client Access FeatureThis help topic has a video
  Client Access Security Enhancement
  Create Client Access for Other Participants
Client DatabaseThis help topic has a video
  Adding Clients to Database from Parent Contract
  Add Notes For Clients In Your Clients Database
  Creating New Client in Clients Database
  Create Reminders in Client Database
  Create Labels and Custom Letters
  Client Type
  Client Database Fast Notes
  Editing Client Information in Clients Database
  eContracts Summary in Client Database
  Exporting Your Clients Database
  Hidden Clients In Clients Database
  Importing Your Client Database
  Navigating the Clients Database
  Preventing Duplicates in the Client Database
  Referral Notes
  Sorting Information in your Clients Database
Closing MLS InfoThis help topic has a video
Contract Deadlines Communication ToolsThis help topic has a video
  Adding Custom Deadlines to a Transaction
  Allow Team Members to View your Custom Deadlines
  Contract Deadlines Email Notification Settings
  Counterproposal Created - Update Deadline Tracking System
  Sync Contract Deadlines with Calendar
Contract Deadlines Tracking System
  Contract Deadline Feature
  Convert Days After MEC or SSA to Calendar Dates
  Clear Data Function
  Custom Deadlines Feature
Contract FoldersThis help topic has a video
Contract to Buy and Sell Features
  Add More Buyers_Sellers to a Parent Contract
  Add Seller(s) Name to CBS
  Copying a Contract to Buy and Sell
  Creating a Contract to Buy and Sell
  How To Create Auto Dating Deadline Templates
  Omitting Sections in the Contract to Buy and Sell
  Purchase Price Calculations
  Replace Buyer`s Agent Name and Information in the Contract to Buy and Sell
Custom Labels and Letters FeatureThis help topic has a video
Customer Support
Dashboard BASIC NavigationThis help topic has a video
Disclosures - How To's
  Add Buyer(s) Name to All Disclosures at Once
  Create Disclosures for a Specific Transaction
  Custom Addendum
  Email Disclosures Received From The Listing Agent When Integrated
  Email Lead Based Paint Pamphlet with the Lead-Based Paint Disclosure or Obligation
  Recreate Original Disclosures with only the Seller`s Signature
  Send Disclosures to Buyer`s Agent that Sent an Offer through eContracts
  Title Company Data Base in Closing Instructions Document
  View and Upload Disclosures Received thru Integration
  Water Provider for Source of Water Addendum
Docs Management SystemThis help topic has a video
  Add Notes to Documents
  Docs Management Uploader
  Email/Forward Documents to Docs Management
  Emailing Documents Organized Under Buyer Folders
  Miscellaneous Docs Management Folder
  Setting Up Sub Folders Under Misc. Docs Management Folder
  Using Sub Folders To Stay Organized
Documents that can be Completed by Participants OnlineThis help topic has a video
  Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (Sales) Signed and Completed by all Participants
  Seller`s Property Disclosure (SPD)
Double Ended/Sided ContractThis help topic has a video
  Creating a Double Ended/Side Contract
eCalendar FeatureThis help topic has a video
  eCalendar for All Transactions
  eCalendar for a Specific Transaction
  Create a Personal Activity/Appointment in the eCalendar
  Update eCalendar from Amend-Extend/Counter Contract
eContact SheetThis help topic has a video
Email Contracts Feature
  Emailing Contracts/Disclosures
  How Your Clients Will View Docs When Emailed
  Adding Buyers, Sellers, Listing-Buyers Agent, Lender and Title Co. email Addresses
Full ReportThis help topic has a video
Home Warranty Order Feature
Initial Lines on Printed Contracts Feature
Listing Transaction - SubFOLDERSThis help topic has a video
  Create and Manage Transaction Buyer FOLDERS
  Buyer Folder Email / Share Process
Log - Notes FeatureThis help topic has a video
Message System FeatureThis help topic has a video
  Create New Message
  Expand Messages
  Collapse Messages
  Deleting Messages
  Email Message Library
Miscellaneous Contracts Folder
  Move Miscellaneous Contracts/Documents to a Particular Transaction
Mortgage CalculatorThis help topic has a video
Navigating eContractsThis help topic has a video
  Basic Navigation thru Dashboards
  Clients With Contracts_Your Main Home Page
  Hidden Clients with Contracts Folder
O & E OrderThis help topic has a video
  View All O & E Orders Sent
Parent Contract TemplatesThis help topic has a video
PDF Print - Printing A ContractThis help topic has a video
Printing Contracts/Documents OptionsThis help topic has a video
  Print Preview/Signature View
  Print Using the PDF Print Feature
  Print All PDF - Convert Multiple Docs into One PDF File
  PDF Print Link in Sent Emails
  Contract Print Out Font Color
  Date and Time Stamp on Bottom of Printed Contacts
  Adding a Frame to Printed Contracts
Property Insurance Order FeatureThis help topic has a video
Quick Start FeatureThis help topic has a video
  Create Quick Start Master Template
  Edit Quick Start Master Template
Reports Feature: SOLD Transactions ReportThis help topic has a video
Saving a Contract-Document to your ComputerThis help topic has a video
Signature Certificate This help topic has a video
Software Requirements
Team Member AccessThis help topic has a video
  Display Settings for Team Member Contracts
  Assign Transaction Feature
Title Order
  Quick Minute Update: Canceling a Title Order
  Title Order: Choose What You Want To Allow/Share
  Title Order: Order Cancel Change
  Title Partners Can Upload Title Docs
Transaction CoordinatorThis help topic has a video
  Transaction Coordinator Master Settings for Agent
  Adding a Transaction Coordinator to a Specific Transaction
  Transaction Coordinator Settings For A TC Account
Utilities General Information
  CTM eContracts Support
Utilities Personal Settings
  Calendar Synchronization
  Contract Deadlines Email Notification Settings
  Creating Custom Deadlines in Utilities
  Transaction Coordinator Settings
  Company Logo
  eSignature File & Settings
  Customize The Info Displayed On Your Contracts
  eContracts Settings Under Utilities
  Smart eContracts Settings
  Account: Personal Info
  Enter your Broker License! Mandatory for 2019
  Account: Payments - Cancel Account
  Team Member Access
  SSO: Single Sign-On
Vacation Notice FeatureThis help topic has a video
Web InitialsThis help topic has a video
Web SignatureThis help topic has a video
  How Web Signatures Work
  How to Enable Web Signatures
  How to Sign with Web Signature-eSignature
  Allowing Participants Web Signature (other than your clients)
  View Signature After Contract_Disclosure_Document Has Been Signed
  Disable Font Signature Capability from all Contracts
  Help Video - How to Sign
  Web Signature Email Notification for eContracts
  Signature Received Email Notification for SMART Contracts

Creating a Contract to Buy and Sell

Be sure to scroll down and watch the video!

NOTE: There are new features available since this video was created.

In the CONTRACT TO BUY AND SELL (CBS) the SAVE TIME feature helps us save time by auto populating public information from an existing CTM listing agreement and/or the selected MLS data source into the Contract. This feature has been enhanced!

Enhanced Benefits of New Save Time Functionality:

1) Improve the Integration Process

2) Provide Accurate MLS Data

3) 4 tabs now allow you to select your primary source of data to import into the Contract Search CTM by Address Search MLS by Address (if the MLS is shown in CTM eContracts) Search MLS By MLS ID (if the MLS is shown in CTM eContracts) Search MLS Pushed Properties (for Denver MATRIX and Vail MLS)

CTM eContracts is now integrated with the following MLS listing services: Aspen Glenwood MLS, CREN MLS (Servicing 17+ counties and six REALTOR Board Associations including: Gunnison, Montrose, Alamosa, Durango, Pagosa Springs, Cortez, Telluride, Del Norte etc.) Denver REColorado/Matrix MLS, Grand County MLS, Grand Junction MLS, IRES MLS, Pueblo MLS, ROCC MLS (REALTORS of Central Colorado) (Poncha Springs, Alamosa, Canon City, Bailey, Buena Vista, Salida, Fairplay etc.) Summit County MLS, Vail MLS

Now when creating a CBS,  you can Search for properties in eContracts and the above MLS listing services simultaneously. You can choose to populate data from MLS Data Source and/or eContracts Data Source.

Caution: Anytime you auto populate data into a contract/document, double check the accuracy.

It is critical that you use the SAVE TIME feature to ensure integration or linking of your CBS with the Listing transaction.

Before you create your CONTRACT TO BUY AND SELL, it is very important to understand that all contracts/disclosures have two views: Editing Section View and Print Preview/Signature View

EDITING SECTION VIEW:  This view is your worksheet where you create or edit your contract(s). Your clients will never see this section or have access to it. This is the View you enter when you first create your CBS or when you click on the document to edit.

PRINT PREVIEW/SIGNATURE VIEW:  The Print Preview/Signature View is what your clients receive when you email the contract or documents or when they are printed either as a pdf or a paper copy. This View is available after you SAVE your contract(s). When you email a contract/document it will be received in Print Preview, and the recipient can only read, print or email the document and it Cannot be Modified.

NOTE: Just a few documents can be completed (not modified) by the Seller/Buyer such as Seller’s Property Disclosure, Green Disclosure, CIC Docs and the Lead Based Paint.

NOTE: Web Signatures are available for you to view only when the contract is printed or when you are in Print Preview/Signature View.

To create your new CONTRACT TO BUY AND SELL, go to your main page. Click on the orange link CREATE NEW CONTRACT in the upper right portion of your Main screen. Then single click or highlight the particular CONTRACT TO BUY AND SELL REAL ESTATE you would like to create from the selection box, and then click the button called, Create Selected Contracts. The contract you have selected will open in its own browser window/tab.

Below are the Main Features of every CBS!

  • Selecting Calendar Dates Anywhere in eContracts that a date is necessary, use the Calendar icon to enter the date. Click on the calendar icon and a window will display the current month. Once you select the appropriate date, it will drop automatically in the Date Box. The arrows located on the top will allow you to navigate through months and years.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The vertical numbering on the left side of the CBS in the Editing Section will not match the numbering in Print Preview.  The information you have typed will be in a different font and the default is set to blue.

  • SAVE Button  All PARENT CONTRACTS have a convenient SAVE button on the right-side navigation toolbar that follows you up and down the document, so you do not have to go to the top or bottom of the contract to save. It is important to use any SAVE buttons frequently to SAVE any data input or keep any changes made to the documents. This is an online application and needs to be saved often. THERE IS NO AUTO-SAVE.
  • ENTERING CLIENT INFORMATION Client Information only has to be entered into the Parent Contract  once. This is a Single Point of Entry software. Up to 8 buyers/sellers can be added to the contract.

In the case of a new client, you can input the client’s information in two ways:

1. RECOMMENDED - Type it in the Client database first
You can enter the information into the Client Database first and then bring it into the CONTRACT TO BUY AND SELL. When using this approach, the client will be considered an Existing Client for the purpose of bringing the info into the contract. (see details below) (The Client’s info will be more complete in the Client Database, with email address, client type, reminders, etc. See details in the section about Client Database) If the data is already in the Client Database, you can pull the client’s information from your client database and insert it into the contract. To do so click on “Client Database”. A window will open displaying your client list. Select the client you wish to add to the CONTRACT TO BUY AND SELL and click go. All the client’s info (names, address, phone, etc.) will automatically populate into the contract.

2. Type it directly into the Contract and add it to the Client Database
If the client information is typed into the contract and you wish to Add this client to your Client Database you can add them as one or separate clients:

As One Client: The first and second clients can be added to the database as one client by marking the checkbox “Add to Client Database: Client 1st and 2nd as one Client”(e.g., husband & wife)

Separate Clients: To add the clients as separate clients into the client database (e.g., two investors) mark the checkbox next to the name for each name: “Add or Update Client Database

NOTE: If you select both boxes “Add to Client Database: Client 1st and 2nd as one Client” and “Add to Client Database” it will be added twice to the Client Database. As mentioned above you can type the client’s information directly into the contract and save it in your Client Database, but it is strongly recommended to input the client’s information in your Client Database first and then when you create a CONTRACT TO BUY AND SELL bring the information into the contract. Once the contract is completed, be sure to click SAVE.

NOTE: If you pull the client’s information into the contract from the Client Database and save it and later on you change your client`s email address or phone # in the Client Database, it will not be changed in the contract that has been created and saved. The updated client information will reflect only in new contracts created after the client’s info change.

  • How to Know when a Contract /Document Has Been Created Please notice that a contract/document is not created until you click Save. Then two more icons will appear at the top right corner. They are Print Preview/Signature View and PDF Print. This means that the Contract Has Been Created in the system and can be retrieved at any time. Now you can print it by clicking PDF Print.
  • QUICK “Go To” FLOATING MENU You will see a few icons right under the floating navigation toolbar Save button on the right-hand side. This toolbar will allow you to go to specific sections of the contract instantly.
  • DEADLINES This feature helps you to calculate your contract deadline dates and check automatically for weekends and holidays before inserting the dates into the contract. It will also allow you to create and save templates for different closing scenarios such us 30 Day Closing, 45 Day Closing, MEC 30 Day Closing, etc. In the CBS at the Dates and Datelines section, click on the live link,  Auto Dating Deadlines. This will produce a pop-up window that will permit you to select the appropriate Template, input the Contract Date and Closing Date, then Save and Insert. After dates have been inserted, using a template, you can make adjustments to suit a particular client and/or transaction.  Click on the Calendar icon.
  • PRICE AND TERMS This section of the CBS has a built-in calculator. This will help you calculate the necessary Cash at Closing. Do not use any special characters such as $, periods, commas, n/a, etc. Several sections of the CBS can be selected to be omitted. These sections have a checkbox and include the text Do Not Display in Print Out.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you use the Print Preview/Signature View mode to check the entire contract. If you use these checkboxes, sections will print/display as Omitted as Inapplicable. This cannot be changed once the contract is signed and locked.


NOTE: Seller Names and Listing Agent can be added to the bottom of the CBS even after the Buyer(s) has/have signed and locked the document.

  • Insert/Remove “N/A”: By default, when a new contract is created the “n/a” is automatically populated into all empty fields. You can remove or insert “n/a” by using the n/a: Insert Remove feature which is located almost at the bottom of the contract.  Just check your selection then click Save.